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      Touch and Gesture Products

      Capacitive Touch Controllers, Microcontrollers with Touch and 3D Gesture Controllers

      Upgrade your product to include an innovative, modern and attractive user interface. Replacing mechanical push buttons with a touch- or gesture-controlled interface is an excellent way to add value and advanced features to your application, increase customer appeal and improve your product’s performance and reliability.

      We offer solutions for every type of use case, from single buttons to touchpads and touchscreens to proximity detection and 3D gesture control for a huge assortment of consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Our products include turnkey capacitive touch controllers, touch libraries for implementing touch sensing on most PIC®, AVR® and SAM microcontrollers (MCUs) and single-chip solutions for adding gesture recognition to almost any product. We can help you conquer design challenges like overcoming noisy environments, reducing power consumption in wearables and other power-sensitive designs, supporting functional safety requirements and implementing touch in wet environments or for gloved fingers. You can leverage our deep knowledge and extensive experience in providing touch and gesture solutions over many years, plus our global technical support team and easy-to-use development tools and resources, to simplify and speed up your development of your touch-enabled products.

      What Type of Solution Do You Need?

      Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity

      Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity
      • Turnkey Touch Controllers
      • Microcontrollers with Integrated Touch Peripheral
      Learn More

      Touchpads and Touchscreens

      Touchpads and Touchscreens
      • 2D Touch Surface Library for Microcontrollers
      • maXTouch® Touchscreen Controllers
      Learn More

      3D Gesture Control

      3D Gesture Control
      • Single-Chip 3D Gesture Controllers with Patented GestIC® Technology     
      Learn More

      Why Create Your Touch-Based Application with One of Our Solutions?

      Our portfolio of products offers these key performance and design advantages:

      Noise Robustness

      • IEC 61000-4-6 for conducted noise level 3 and higher
      • Automotive Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
      • Emissions/CISPR-25
      • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), radiated noise
      Noise Robust-Gray

      Low Power Consumption

      • Low power flat rate < 5 μA
      • Power consumption doesn’t increase with higher button count

      True Water-Tolerant Touch

      • Rain tolerant for outdoor use
      • No lock-out; touch remains functional despite the presence of water
      • Waterproof touch with Metal Over Capacitive (MOC) technology

      Very-High Button Count

      • Feeding line length compensation, parasitic suppression
      • Boost mode touch
      • Reduced chip count = lower costs
      High Button Count-Gray

      Automotive Touch

      • Automotive design center
      • Functional Safety design center
      • Automotive touch MCUs
      • Proven ISO 26262 touch provider

      Home Appliance Safety

      Safety Touch-Gray