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      Microchip’s Continued Commitment to the Aerospace and Defense Industry

      For over 30 years, Microchip France Aerospace has been a leading provider of highly integrated solutions, serving a wide variety of aerospace applications, delivering leading-edge, highly integrated technology and solutions to the AeroSpace Industry. Microchip is proud to continue delivering the same high-quality solutions and services which customers have come to expect from Atmel’s flight heritage, and to expand this portfolio with rad-tolerant and extended temperature devices.

      Microchip uses the latest innovative commercial technologies such as 8-bit AVR® MCUs, Arm® and dsPIC®-based MCUs, adapting these to rad-hard, rad-tolerant and high-reliability application requirements in order to provide proven solutions, volumes and long-term reliability. With more than 20,000 flight models per year delivered in a wide range of aerospace and defense applications (space, avionics, military and harsh environments), our offering affords extended temperature, radiation tolerant or hardened devices issued from our widely deployed Microchip products portfolio to reduce your costs, to boost your time to market and to improve performances of your critical system.

      Microchip offers long term supply commitment, full traceability, the most demanding qualification flows, and a rich ecosystem: reference hardware, software environment and transversal system solutions with a dedicated support team for Aerospace and Defense.


      We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your aerospace and defense design.

      Email Us for Support

      Additional Aerospace and Defense Solutions Acquired from Microsemi

      With the acquisition of Microsemi, we now have the largest portfolio of aerospace and defense semiconductor solutions in the market. These products include FPGAs and SoCs; high-reliability power discretes and modules; analog mixed-signal ASICs and ASSPs; chip scale atomic clocks; high-performance oscillators; and RF SAW filters, MMICs, diodes and transistors. Visit these application pages for more information:

      Featured Product:

      Low-Power Radiation-Tolerant PolarFire® FPGA

      With robust configuration that does not require scrubbing and repair for radiation upsets, the Radiation-Tolerant RT PolarFire FPGA is optimized to meet the most demanding requirements in spacecraft high-speed data paths. It delivers the lowest power consumption and heat generation in its class to enable a major leap in computing throughput for emerging on-orbit space applications.

      PolarFire FPGA

      Featured Product:

      RTG4™ Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs

      RTG4 FPGAs integrate our fourth-generation Flash-based FPGA fabric and high-performance interfaces, such as serialization/deserialization (SERDES) transceivers, on a single chip while maintaining resistance to radiation-induced configuration upsets. RTG4 devices are built to operate in the harshest radiation environments, such as space flight (LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO and deep space), high-altitude aviation, medical electronics and nuclear power plant control.

      RTG4 Radiant-Tolerant FPGAs